Blair Wickett Ready to Find his Footing in APC Series Visit to Sunset

Saturday - August - 2018

CAMBRIDGE, ON – After having invested a full week of long hours and late nights to repair his family-owned No. 97 after a contact-filled affair at Sauble Speedway on August 4th, rising star Blair Wickett is ready for his third career APC United Late Model Series appearance this Saturday, as the cross-province tour invades Sunset Speedway for Round 7 of its 2018 schedule.

“I think our trip to Sauble can best be described as one big, long, learning curve,” offers Wickett with his trademark smile when asked of his hard-earned 11th-place finish. “It was not an easy night by any means – but I came away with some lessons that I think are going to make me a better racer for the rest of my career”

“If we can have a night like that – where we rub elbows with some of the best guys in the province and come out on the other end with a decent amount of new information to improve our program – then I would consider that a success,” adds the former Mini Stock standout. “Even if I had to do a whole lot of repairs in a short amount of time”

The personable Wickett is in the midst of transitioning from Flamboro Speedway’s perennially competitive weekly Pro Late Model division to the hotly contested APC Series that regularly features some of the undisputed top talent in all of Ontario racing.

“There’s no doubt about it – this tour is the top of the mountain right now,” offers the Cambridge, ON native. “The teams that are running at the front of the field in these events personify everything that I want our program to be”

“You can’t half-ass anything against these guys,” adds Wickett. “They’re the best of the best for a reason. It absolutely didn’t happen by accident. They’ve worked their asses off to get to this point and if we want to beat them the we need to work even harder”

Looking ahead to Saturday’s 100-lap contest, Wickett makes clear the respect he has for Sunset as well as his understanding of how difficult it’s likely to be to outrun some of Ontario’s best Late Models at one of Ontario’s most challenging facilities.

“Sunset is such a technical track that we need to make sure we’re on our toes all day long,” says Wickett. “There’s nowhere to hide there – because there are two solid grooves to race in. So, if your stuff isn’t working, you might as well have your car in reverse”

“I’m excited for this challenge. I’ve never raced at Sunset in a Pro Late [Model] before, so the goal is to unload with our car as neutral as possible and learn as much as we can in a short amount of time.”