Blair Wickett Hopes to find his way in APC United Late Model Series Opener

Thursday - May - 2019

Blair Wickett Hopes to Find his Way in APC United Late Model Series Opener

Blair Wickett

CAMBRIDGE, ON – Multi-time Mini Stock winner Blair Wickett has spent the last two seasons assimilating himself into the Pro Late Model division.

Competing weekly at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday nights, Wickett has shown an uncanny ability to learn and adapt on the fly and very quickly established himself as one of the leaders of the speedway’s growing youth movement.

This year, Wickett will take those two years of lessons with him on tour, as he chases the APC United Late Model Series’ full schedule for the first time – beginning with Round 1 at Sunset Speedway on May 18th.

“We’re coming into this season knowing that we have a lot to learn – but at the same time believing that we have a program that’s strong enough to win one of these races by the end of the season,” Voiced Wickett.

“All you really need to do is look back over the results of the tour from the last four seasons and see how many different winners there have been. Things are so tight from one team to the next. Anyone can win on any given night so long as you give yourself the opportunity.”

Wickett has had his gaze set on a full APC Series tour bid for the last two years, but elected to wait until his team was at its strongest to commit to the full 10-round tour.

“You can’t be ‘half in’ and try to go up against these guys – that’s ridiculous,” offers Wickett. “These are the best teams in Ontario. Without question. I don’t mind admitting that I’ve learned a lot from watching just about every single person on the (APC Series) at one point or another.”

“We wanted to learn all that we could about our car and about ourselves while we were racing weekly,” continues the Cambridge, ON native. “We’ve come a long way in the last two years and, now, it feels like it’s time to get out on the road with the tour and see what we have for these guys.”

On the topic of whether or not his low-budget family-owned effort should be considered an underdog, Wickett is unsure of just what his status is when pitted against some of the divisional titans currently taking up residence on the APC Series roster.

“I’m not entirely sure if we’re coming into Sunset with the underdog label or not,” shrugs Wickett with a laugh. “I mean, if we’re talking experience, I’m not sure there are too many drivers on the roster that I have the edge on. But, if you want to talk will to win or passion for the sport – that’s something a little different, isn’t it?”

“I’m comfortable with whatever label people want to stick me with for this first race. I believe in our team and I believe in the equipment we have and the package we’ve built together. I know that, on any given night, we can give any of these teams a run for their money.”